welding an outboard skeg.

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Sunday, November 27 2016, 01:46 AM
So i got this job to repair a skeg on an outboard.
It was prepared properly, and when i welded it i seen the penetration.
After mucking around day welding and then sanding . It still cracked.
I ended up knocking off the skeg again to find that there was so much crap that had come out of the parent
Material it is not funny!
To buy an outboard is expensive so you think that the manufacturer would use clean aluminium, but nope.
They put in all types of crap.
Stuff me!!!
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    Sunday, November 27 2016, 05:05 AM - #permalink
    Hi Sharn, Any Aluminium that lives near water all the time eventually succumbs to some kind of cancer or other. The alloys they use can be some exotic mixtures and that can make it difficult as well. Getting far enough back into a damaged area to get to solid material can be damned difficult, but that is what you need. If all you find is crap you may be out of luck in fixing it. Best of luck.
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    Sunday, November 27 2016, 12:26 PM - #permalink
    This site does not allow uploaded photos as attachments..

    You have to post photos from an online hosting site like Photobucket.
    I love my job!

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