Although I’ve done a lot of welding and fabrication years ago, only now have I begun to do some aluminum TIG welding, and this is my fourth small project in about as many months with my Everlast 210EXT.

Man, I dig aluminum as a material, especially in diamond plate with a brushed metal finish.

I usually prefer a mulching shroud/gate for mowing, and I refurbished this unit pretty well having got it cheap, but I didn't initially know if I would keep it and get rid of my other zero-turn. But I'll probably sell this one real soon, as a couple of neighbors have expressed some interest.

Gee, the photos still don't seem to post on this forum. Here's a link to the same photos at the Everlast site.

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    Wednesday, July 20 2016, 03:31 AM - #permalink
    Here's this same project uploaded as a video to my YouTube Channel. It includes me using my Everlast 210EXT effectively enough, even though my actual time and experience with aluminum TIG welding is in the single digits, hour-wise.

    Here's the direct YouTube link also, which provides the text description that won't show in the player/viewer window on the forum here, and may be informative enough to entice or dissuade interest. The video is about 33 minutes.
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