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Tuesday, May 30 2017, 06:40 PM
I'm welding up a bunch of pipe fence braces out of 2 3/8" Sch40. The stretchers that t into the uprights sometimes have large gaps. (Up to 3/8";) There is no hole in the upright so the saddled stretcher is esssentially a fillet weld on pipe. What is the best way to fill those gaps with 6011? Maybe Bob can do a video to show it.
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    Friday, June 02 2017, 08:17 AM - #permalink
    Don't know why the gaps are so large, but have been there and done that. It is a pain in the seat cushion. I have filled the bottom with gas welding rod of a close dia to give the weld something to bite too and then make multiple passes or one slow pass to fill the hole.
    Or here is something I have posted in the past for cutting fish mouths with a chop saw, if you don't have the hole saw drill press attachment.
    Makes life a lot easier, it does take a little figuring and practice.;)

    Almost forgot this too may be of some use
    Pipe Joint Template Software I no longer have a windows machine I haven't used the windows one in years I haven't tried the second one

    Here is one that works easy
    It doesn't print a template but will gives the angles for the cut
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    Sunday, June 04 2017, 12:06 PM - #permalink
    When I find a large gap I use what ever fits inside the gap and weld it closed, as long as it's not a critical weld.
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